Day 2 in Colombia: Alejandro and Gissell

“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it might change the world for one person.” -Anonymous


Ms. Martinez: Today’s quote was chosen because the highlights of the day revolved around our work with children at Colegio Anexo San Francisco de Asis (CASFA). Our first night of reflection, we asked ourselves, “Why are we here? Why did God place us in this place, together, now?” Echoed among all of us was the idea of helping others to help our own selves grow. At the school we served today,  we got to be more than observers and instead got to lead and create fun memories with the young students. During tonight’s evening reflection, just about everyone chose their elementary class activity as their top highlight for the day. Energy was the key word, but joy and love were the key feelings. In the end, our names or the specific games we played might be forgotten by the students we met, but hopefully they will carry the optimism and love we shared and pay it forward to others throughout their lives.



A view from the top of El Codito, the barrio we toured today!

Gissell: We woke up earlier than the first day. We were blessed with the breakfast they gave us. Then we got ready to go on the bus and see the school our partners attend. On the way there we got to see many different sites that were eye opening. We were welcomed by our partners with a wonderful song. The wonderful little children from three to five years old, performed different dances for us. We were able to taste a bit of their Colombian cultures. Colombian like the United States is not just one culture, not just one voice or music. After that there were presentations of students from different grade levels. We got to know some terms used in Colombia, like “Guacala” (a phrase used to express disgust) or “quibo” (a way to greet friends informally). The Cristo Rey students were going to led some activities with different classrooms. It was very fun for all of us being with the children and playing games. Later we had a delicious dinner with the CASFA leaders along with activities that made us bond even more. We ended up going to “Los barrios”. One of them known as “El Codito”, along with many more.



The streets of Bogota

When we were walking to go visit the different communities in the city, we passed by a place that was closed down and moved to a different location. This place was where the military stayed and lived. The main reason why they moved was because many would not like that the military was so close to the homes and a story that the military impacted the community badly. This story was about three young boys who were playing outside. As they were playing they found a sphere shaped object that they thought was a ball. On the other hand, it ended up being a grenade which cost their lives. Near that location lies a religious sculpture that is in remembrance of these little boys.



We woke up early in the morning, got ready, had breakfast and on to the bus we went! We arrived to Colegio San Francisco de Asis where we were greeted by our CAFSA partners with so much love and excitement.
We did some really fun activities and then moved on to what I would call “The cutest show in the whole entire world”. We got to see kids from the ages of 3-5 perform some of their cultural dances. It was really exciting getting to see the kids enjoying performing. Well, some of them. A couple were nervous and shy, which I don’t blame them for. Having a bunch of “big people” staring at you must be really intimidating.
After that we were filled not only with love but with many of the CAFSA’s traditional foods like envueltos, yuca and one of their delicious drinks: lula. But wait there’s more: they served us more of their traditional foods to the point where our plate was completely full!  Although we were full, we couldn’t resist saying yes to any of the adorable children serving the food.
The time came to finally lead our classes of around 20-28 students of different ages. The previous day we spent a few hours preparing to lead the students into a full 50 minutes of fun activities! It was a great experience and an eye opener for me to realize how innocent and loving a child can be. At the end many of the kids hugged me and said their good byes.
Finally we had a tour of the El Codito, an ancient barrio built of history. We got to walk around and visit many beautiful places. Many of the views were breath taking. Nothing better than actually being able to breath, feel and hear a barrio where everyone is so united.

Today’s bloggers were Alejandro, Gissell, and Ms. Mtz.



2 thoughts on “Day 2 in Colombia: Alejandro and Gissell

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  2. Gisselle, Alejandro and Claudia- thank you so much for sharing today’s experiences . I loved the stories of the adorable children! What a great way to build memories by singing and eating together!
    God bless,
    Ms. Flock – Johnson

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