Our final day in Colombia

Ms. Martinez: We spent the last day having so much fun together, with the quiet thought of goodbyes still far off in the wind. Students exchanged gifts and sang songs, and played games, and did a final “rap de la bendicion” to say grace over their last meal together. Every moment was deeply treasured, especially because halfway through the day after lunch, Mike and Sister Carolina each took a turn sharing the good news of a potential CASFA to Cristo Rey trip in the summer of 2018! Some of the students who were more familiar with crying did so with no shame and completely understandably.

The CASFA students and adults worked so hard to host us and they pulled it off without a hitch. Every activity they led and event we participated in revealed something new about Colombian culture to our American students and without complaining once, out students jumped at the opportunity to witness and engage in it.


Slipping and sliding is one way to say goodbye, right?

Some of the best ways to envision our last day are to see it through our pictures instead of hearing me yap on and on. These students found true friends who treated them as equals who bonded through their common traits and their differences just the same. A national, continental, and even hemispheric divide will never break up those differences, especially considering that every single Cristo Rey student returned being influenced to adopt, or donate money, or volunteer their time to causes that they never realized were so immense until they were working face-to-face with people who live and thrive through adversity every day.


The CASFA students created a photo presentation of our week together.


Flying over Minnesota at last!


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